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” As of press time, the notice of Youyou's use of the car has not yet been released.filecoin green,After the company was wholly acquired by Lecco Defense (002413.SZ), an investor named Liu Sheng (the actual controller of Qiwei Technology is also named Liu Sheng) transferred by agreement, from 6 natural person shareholders, to each A total of 128,000 shares were transferred at a price of 19.45 yuan, with an amount of 2.4896 million yuan.

8. Summary of reasons for success and suggestions for shortcomings The quality and balance of its own are very good, so that MOBA players can recognize the gameplay and balance of the game itself after getting used to high-quality games such as "League of Legends"; initially established the target users to attract After playing for MOBA end game players such as "League of Legends", Tencent used Tencent's powerful publicity channels to use the mobile version of "League of Legends" as a promotional selling point, so that most players who played "League of Legends" knew the existence of "Honor of Kings". As a result, the first batch of core users has been attracted; there is no need to kidnap the game time of players with daily tasks, and prevent local tyrant players from greatly destroying the game experience of other players, concentrate on improving the quality of the game, cultivate the reputation of the game, and do a good job in the second stage of publicity Preparation; After attracting the first batch of core players, "Honor of Kings" has launched a lot of social functions to expand the user base, which can easily allow core users to bring other ordinary users to start; In order to attract ordinary users, the game continues to Reduce the difficulty of getting started, reduce the duration of a game, etc., and remove the last barrier that hinders new users from starting; with the help of WeChat and QQ dual platforms, the road of mobile games + social networking has been further confirmed, and the dual platforms have been fully utilized. Guide yourself; finally, let me say a sentimental understanding, that is, "Glory of the King" can make a little boy who only dared to like in the circle of friends of the goddess grow into a glory that the goddess sticks to you every day and wants you to take her to the top King, there are not many such stories, but it seems that there are every day in "Glory of the King".filecoin green