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  Beijing News reporter Gao Yangkusama polkadot crypto,  The United States has selectively forgotten its brutal acts of persecuting the Indians and turned a blind eye to the history and tragic reality of the Indians' blood and tears. However, it has carried out a baseless slander and smear on China ’s successful minority policies, especially Xinjiang-related policies. The Xinjiang issue provoked China's ethnic relations, undermined Xinjiang's prosperity and stability, and hindered China's development and growth. This can only further expose the United States' double standards on counter-terrorism, and it will only make the world understand the hypocrisy and sinister intentions of the United States. After all, how is Xinjiang's situation? Only Xinjiang's 25 million people of all ethnic groups have the most say, and only 1.4 billion Chinese people have the most. Those US lawmakers cannot even represent the interests of the entire American people. How can they represent the Chinese people and the Chinese Xinjiang people? On what grounds do they judge us?

  On Saturday ( 30th ), Reuters quoted two sources as saying that the U.S. government may "expand power" to prevent more foreign products using U.S. technology from being sent to Huawei because it cut off the outside world through a "physical list" Supply to Huawei failed.kusama polkadot crypto